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Privileged partner of Entrepreneurs, Start-ups & SME's


26 ADVISORY is an independent and versatile consulting firm, focusing on ultra-responsiveness and innovative solutions to address accounting, financial, tax, operational, and strategic challenges. French subsidiaries of international groups, start-ups, as well as medium-sized companies from all sectors, rely on our expertise and ultra-responsive approach.

Our added value lies in the integration of our financial consultants directly into your teams with agility, reliability, and efficiency to address urgent situations and specific projects.

We Offer



Do you urgently need qualified personnel?

We have a network of accounting and financial consultants ready to help you quickly!


An expert collaborator dedicated to all your accounting, financial, tax, legal and other issuescials.


Ensure the regularity, sincerity and faithful image of your accounts on a legal and/or contractual basis but also optimize your processes and make your figures more reliable


We support financial departments in the production of accounting information, compliance with legal obligations and the evolution of information systems.

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Pragmatic solutions for tailor-made expertise

26 Advisory in short :

  • Trusted partner : we offer long-term, rigorous and precise personalized support

  • Modern tools and innovative solutions: we are attentive to market developments and provide our clients with the expertise and support they need

  • Experienced and multidisciplinary team : our experienced employees are quickly operational, autonomous and pro-active, capable of quickly integrating into your organization

  • Independence and integrity: our firm is independent of any group and wishes to remain so to guarantee objective expertise to our clients


“Ultra-responsive and talented professionals who clearly understand our needs as a large international group and who adapt quickly to new situations and challenges”

—  Bogdan BOTA  —
CFO of Sodexo Pass International

Define your needs, find your expertise

Need our services or support?

Ask us your question, our team will examine your request and undertake to process it as soon as possible.

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